The 2010 Toon To Town Challenge

So this is where it all started. One man with an idea to raise money in memory of a close family friend.

That man was Giles Evans and his idea was to undertake a solo bike ride from his adopted home in the North East of England to his native Llanelli in South Wales. It was supposed to be a one off charity event, never to be repeated. Yet, here we are eleven years and £111,000 later about to embark on another adventure.

The fact that the Toon To Town Challenge is now up to number eight is mainly down to the passion and leadership shown by Giles himself. He is the only person to have completed all the rides. Many have come and gone, their efforts greatly appreciated by us all and certainly by those they helped. A few have completed all the rides apart from this 2010 challenge.

Technology for route guidance has greatly improved since 2010 enabling the riders to plan quieter more rural routes and stay together. We now operate a main support van alongside a 'rapid response' car to assist with issues such as punctures reducing the time needed for repairs.

Yet for all the lessons learned over the years, it still comes down to having the will and determination to get up each day and complete a 80-100 mile ride whatever the weather. This is helped by the camaradery which has developed and bonded us together as the years have passed.

There are only two photos of this ride as there was nobody but Giles to take any. We have added those two images and some others you may enjoy. This is where it all started.

The Route

Newcastle to Parc Y Scarlets Llanelli
Five Days one map and a rough idea of where to be at the end of each day

Key Facts

420 miles cycled
1 rider
1 bike

Amount Raised


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